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All gym Easy Pay membership (electronic auto payment) includes; sauna and 24 hr access.


We hope to serve Palatine bridge and all surrounding areas. We are looking into a full-service fitness center for all levels.

Gym Pricing


Membership is setup with Easy Pay (electronic auto payment) and includes; sauna and 24 hr access.



Membership is setup with Easy Pay (electronic auto payment) and includes; sauna and 24 hr access.



Membership is setup with Easy Pay (electronic auto payment) and includes; sauna and 24 hr access.



$350 with 24/7 access



Gym day pass $5


Personal Training Prices


45 minute session


6 Pack of Sessions

(6) 45 minute session

$175 + $25 CONSULT


1 intake assessment, weight, measurement, discuss goals, nutrition consult, strengths weakness, physical assessment. 12 monthly sessions 45min each includes a 1 month gym membership, 2 Biweekly progress meetings with measurements weights and goal setting. 24 hr text support from trainer



includes: 3 month membership with 24hr access, 36 persoanal training sessions, 1 initial intake assessment, weight/measurement, discuss goals, nutrition consult, strengths weakness, physical assessment. 6 Bi-weekly progress meetings with measurements weights and goal setting, 24hr text support from trainer and nutritional support and personal work out plans for you to keep.


Lockers are free for daily use, $5 per month or $40 for the year.

There are discounts for Military, First Responders, Nurses, Students, Groups and Easy Pay Members.

Group Classes

We are looking into new group classes that we can offer. Some of these would include Zumba, yoga, and HITT. If you have any other ideas or suggestions please let us know.


Talk to us about setting you up with a one on one training program to get you to your fitness goals.

Nutrition & Assessments

Talk to our knowledgable trainers about nutrition or fitness goals and see if a training sessions are right for you.

New Services

We are here to service you and our community. If there is a service that you would like to see at Hazzards talk to us and we will consider any new ideas.

Classes & programs

Weight Loss

To put it simply: Losing weight takes planning, commitment, and time. As a rule of thumb, if a method promises weight loss that seems extraordinarily fast, it’s probably not a good idea. Most experts agree that losing more than 2 pounds per week is difficult to sustain and an unhealthy way to manage weight loss.


Here’s something we can all agree on: Intensity is paramount. As intensity rises, more calories get burned. That’s why high-intensity interval workouts are a great choice for getting shredded while maintaining (or even gaining) muscle.

Circut training
Circuit training is a style of workout where you cycle through several exercises (usually five to 10) targeting different muscle groups with minimal rest in between. The result is a workout that taxes your muscular strength and endurance and your cardiorespiratory system. You’ve likely done circuit training in boot camp-style classes and didn’t even realize it.
The magic is in the movements. Workouts are different every day and modified to help each athlete achieve his or her goals. CrossFit workouts can be adapted for people at any age and level of fitness.
Most people in the Western world think of yoga as hatha yoga, but yoga is primarily a spiritual discipline and there are many types. Some of the most well-known are karma yoga, bhakti yoga, gyana yoga, and raja yoga.
Weight Training
Building and maintaining muscle is necessary for all of us, especially as we age. And the earlier we start, the better. A significant amount of evidence exists to support the overall health benefits of strength training.


This is the absolutely best place to go tanning ! Very welcoming atmosphere and owners! The gym looks amazing have not yet signed up but will be !!! The tanning booth is too notch, want only 5 times and have the best color! Nikki love your place!


Absolutely love going there, very friendly and helpful, and can’t beat their prices




Hazzard fitness

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Monday-Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday: 8am - 6pm

Sunday: Closed

24/7 Access available with pin

Call: 518-673-6087

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